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We come with different techniques and ideas that will help our clients to send their bulk Emails and sms, promoting their product and services at very affordable cost. We have our strong database which is also one of our strength.

Provides complete Start-up and Growth, and a Complete Digital Promotional Services for Specific Businesses.
  • Mass Email Solution

  • Bulk email solution providers in India
  • Web Shooters Kolkata is one of the leading IT company for Digital Marketing in India, we are providing Services like Bulk Emailing. Our Bulk Emailing service is one of the asset for our client, for making a good start in their business.

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  • Mass SMS Solution

  • Bulk sms solution providers in India
  • Bulk SMS is an Advance marketing Strategy, which is getting popular day by day and bring ease in promoting new product and services. Mobile Market is the best way to spread the arrival of different services, which help our customer gain space in the market.

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Types of Bulk Email

Subscriber Emailing

At Web Shooters Kolkata, we understand the value of your clients, employees or any business associates registered on our portal also the value of their time. They can receive any event updates, news, announcements through our Subscriber or Transactional Emailing which is not promotional in nature. Our Email Software allows you to do the same in a limber manner. It is used for legal mailings.

Promotional Emailing

Promotional Emailing is one of the advance way to promote the client produce and services through mass emailing (for example, an announcement of a special offer or a catalog of products). Promotional Emailing bring awareness about any new product or brand to be brought into market, increase sales and creates brand loyalty.

Types of Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS

We understand the value of your SMS which is been send to different employees, clients, customer and business associate. Subscriber SMS help to spread the message like any News and Announcements at very cheap cost. With our Bulk SMS Software we are able to send Bulk SMS and resolve the problem of sending SMS to the numbers which are registered for DND.

Transactional SMS

At Web Shooters Kolkata, we help our client introduce and enter the market through and expand their business. Promotional SMS help the for promoting New brand, offers, discounts available, about sales and also for gaining customer attention and attracting them towards the promotion of new products into the market. Promotional SMS help increasing the channel boosting new business of our clients at very reasonable rates. We provide our customer with a huge database to hits their business goals.

What makes us Unique?

  • Easy to Use

    Bulk emails/sms can be sent with ease through the control panel access provided by the bulk email/sms provider. API for integration into the existing system can also be availed from the bulk email/sms service provider for ease of email/sms sending.

  • Affordable Price

    We are banded together with real administration suppliers as their primary business accomplice, accordingly in a position to offer the best of estimating for mass email administration and different business correspondence items.

  • Modern Technology

    We unequivocally puts stock in keeping itself in a state of harmony with the most recent innovation. The organization has executed most recent correspondence frameworks including cloud innovation to streamline the general procedure of mass email advertising. The messages can be sent calm with total conveyance achievement.

  • End Users/ Resellers

    Send bulk SMS at the most reasonable rates with the fastest messaging service at Web Shooters Kolkata. The easy bulk SMS marketing solutions help you send messages to multiple users with the extremely user-friendly interface. The exclusive bulk SMS provider services allow you to execute bulk SMS marketing campaigns at ease to improve your business quickly and without any hassles.

  • Reliability

    We deploy the latest technology to implement the bulk SMS dissemination process, thereby, ensuring the smoothest delivery of messages. The company is determined to provide un-interrupted bulk sms marketing service to its customer.

  • Customer Service

    We provide 24/7 customer service to its customers. Solving customer queries is always a top priority for the company. Each query is resolved in the best possible manner helping customers to execute successful campaigns.

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